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Why is Eventing Gold Eluding the Brits?

When will the British eventing team win gold again? This has been niggling at me for some while and, it seems, worrying the elder statesmen of our sport, for whom it was quite a topic during Burghley. Rio was the…

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Overdue Diligence

In a long career you can’t remember every news story you ever wrote. However, one from the early 1990s sticks in my mind because it involved a conversation with Jacques Chirac, and it’s not often that a humble equestrian journalist…

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UAE Endurance: How Much Longer Can the FEI String Out the Agony?

An occupational hazard of journalism is that when you ask a tricky question of a governing body, the answer often bears no resemblance to the points raised. Quite a few of us compare notes, and frequently receive identical replies even…

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Return of the Bogi

News that Dr Hallvard Sommerseth has been suspended for a mere two years for his role in the submission of over 500 sets of bogus endurance results to the FEI makes you wonder exactly what heinous crime a senior figure…

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Just Who is in Charge?

Well, as an American endurance chum put it, that was as useful as a bucket of warm spit. I don’t know a single sceptic who wouldn’t have been ecstatic to be proved wrong about the efficacy of the “strong new…

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Petition Against Endurance in the UAE

The FEI is facing calls to remove the 2016 world endurance championship from Dubai, with the opinion of governing bodies now boosted by a public petition. The latest crisis stems from shocking images, which went viral, from the official ride…

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They Are Not Worthy

I am sorry, folks, to write about endurance three blogs in a row, but I cannot deny my rising anger at the FEI’s abject failure to get a grip of the UAE. After just eight rides over three weekends, Sheikh Sultan…

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Epiphany 2: FEI Grasps the Bou Thib Initiative. Yes, Really!

Well, I thought I’d never see it, but little pink porkers genuinely have sprouted wings. The measures drawn up by Sheikh Sultan Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi to reform endurance at his Bou Thib venue gained massive credence in a short time,…

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How an Unsung Sheikh has Forced an Epiphany in Endurance

Only keen students of Middle Eastern politics have probably heard of the intriguingly named Dr. Sheikh Sultan, but 2016 could be the year in which his body of admirers spreads far outside the Emirates and into the world of endurance….

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A Bloody Shame

I remember virtually no controversies in 30 years of attending the wonderful Christmas party that is the London International Horse Show at Olympia. But this year we got two on the final day. Blood was noticed. First, Victoria Gullikson of…

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