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A Few Tidbits…

– I was standing outside Zelador’s stall the other morning. He was munching on his hay and I was trying to blow my nose. I could feel that there was a bunch of gunk trapped in there. I tried and…

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Zelador’s Piaffe Progresses

We decided since it’s spring (and just barely above zero, with clouds and rain and the forecast of strong winds) that we’d try to film the stage of development that Zelador is at in his piaffe. Zeloso is also in…

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Bucket Round Up

I bought five rubberish buckets to use with the horses. When I got them I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d be doing with them. They had two outstanding qualities. They are light-weight and brightly coloured. Recently I’ve been placing them…

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If You’re Happy and You Know it – Horse-Style!

Rounding up the horses and acting out the words to the song “When You’re Happy and You Know It”

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Sit Boy!

The weather is fantastic. We’re actually sweating (while doing precious little) in the month of March. Today’s temperature is expected to once again go over 20 degrees C. I’ve taken Z and Z to the arena to work at liberty….

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House & Barn Concerts

Sunday was our house concert with Marie-Lynn Hammond, accompanied by Tom Leighton on piano and accordion and David Woodhead on bass and guitar. Marie-Lynn is well known in the roots and folk world for her song writing, and because she’s…

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Zelador Hits a Homerun!

Check out these photos Ann Clifford took of Winnie and Zelador rounding the bases.

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Noodles, Umbrellas and Big Balls…Oh My!

Here is a summary from the last couple of days… Sunday: Marcus was his usual interesting self. With the gang on the hill I introduced a “noodle” for swimming and an umbrella (BIG red and white one with “Canada” printed…

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Zelador Rounds the Bases

I wanted to tell you how our horse version of baseball is developing. I started with teaching  Zelador and Zeloso to follow a set path and come back. Did this once and had some success. The other day I introduced…

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Tweaking the Performances

With “Family Day” creating a long weekend, Bill and I were able to work with both boys together at liberty for three days in a row. We placed the boys on their pedestals and worked on motions for “Knees Up…

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