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ABCs for Horses

With Zelador and Zeloso I’ve used chalk to write their names on their stall wall. The letters are wide apart so that I can discern if the horse is going to the correct letter. The boys are really good at…

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Teeter-Totter Fun

On the weekend, Ron and Bill helped me take the teeter-totter to the Farm Down the Road. We didn’t take the pole to place under the middle of the teeter-totter because I didn’t want too much movement as the horses…

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Star Power


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Motivational Posters

There’s a new addition to our arena wall: eight (8.5” x 11”) colourful, rectangular posters with tricks and games on them. Several years ago I thought, “I’d like a list of things the horses can do and things I hope…

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Does Mikey Like It?

One of the horses down the road, Mikey, is a new arrival. He came up from Florida a month or two ago. I learned that he’s a bit unsettled in the arena. Last week I started playing with him at…

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Best Seat in the House

Here’s a recent photo. Zelador is now an old pro at sitting. I emailed Allen Pogue with a sitting photo and he replied that of last count there were fourteen horses at his Red Horse Ranch that could sit on…

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Sitting Pretty

Here’s Zelador sitting on the bean bag. What is most interesting to me is the soft way he steps out of the “chair” and walks to the pedestal. The movement is obviously easy for him to do as opposed to…

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The Gang Down the Road

The group of five horses down the road is progressing. A few days ago three of them picked up the cone and held it before setting it down and eating the carrot which was hidden under the cone. Rolling out…

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Getting Comfy on the Bean Bag

Today Zelador and I worked on the usual walk/trot/canter under saddle. Then I put the music “A Place in the Choir” on the tape machine and we practiced our line dance. I learned that he backs up much better if…

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New Furniture for the Arena

These photos were taken on a Saturday, and Zelador was able to put a bit of weight on his hind end when at the bean bag. Monday Sue Parker worked with us and he actually sat on the bean bag…

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