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FEI Appoints Endurance Independent Governance Advisors

The FEI has named three Independent Governance Advisors (IGAs), with the first due to start work this weekend. FEI 4* judge Roderick Fisher (GBR) will be the first IGA to attend an Endurance event in this new role, travelling to…

Endurance Scandal at French Ride

Fears are growing among the French endurance community that the World Equestrian Games ride in Sartilly will see scandal, as controversies arising from the Compiegne FEI ride on May 23-25 rumble on. They began with outcry on social media about…

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FEI Bureau Approves Endurance Rules Revisions

The FEI Bureau has approved the revised Endurance rules during the second day of its in-person meeting in the FEI Headquarters in Lausanne (SUI). The revised rules, which are in line with the recommendations of the Endurance Strategic Planning Group…

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FEI Endorses Endurance Strategic Planning Group Recommendations

The FEI Bureau is taking the conclusions and recommendations of the Endurance Strategic Planning Group (ESPG) extremely seriously and has assumed full responsibility for the delivery of clear measures that will bring about a long term solution to issues within…

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Endurance Conference Focuses on Strategic Plan

Delegates from 23 countries reached a broad consensus on the strategic plan for Endurance sport at the one-day Endurance conference in Lausanne (SUI) on February 9th. The conference was attended by more 70 delegates, with a total of 20 National…

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ESPG Seeks National Federations Agreement for Proposals

The Endurance Strategic Planning Group (ESPG) has sent its detailed proposed recommendations to the National Federations requesting rapid feedback. The proposals are designed to address the issues within Endurance and are specifically geared towards reducing the incidence of doping and…

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Endurance Strategic Planning Group Calls for Immediate and Sustainable Action

Immediate and sustainable action to safeguard the welfare of horses and reinforce the FEI’s anti-doping and fair play policies at Endurance events globally were the key takeaways from the Endurance Strategic Planning Group (ESPG) session at the FEI General Assembly…

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FEI Endurance Strategic Planning Group Meets in Lausanne

The FEI Endurance Strategic Planning Group (ESPG) held its second meeting this week as part of the ongoing process of strategic planning to meet the needs of the FEI’s second biggest discipline. The Group, which is chaired by Andrew Finding…

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