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COC Unveils $132 Million Funding Plan for High Performance Sport in Canada

Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) Chief Executive Officer Chris Overholt today outlined a bold new vision for the future of Team Canada by announcing more than $132 million in funding for the Canadian sport community. During an address to the Empire…

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COC President New Member of IOC

On Thursday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Council announced four-time Olympian, Olympic medallist and Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) President, Tricia Smith, along with seven others, as a new member of the IOC. The election for the position was held…

Olympic gold medallist Eric Lamaze aboard Fine Lady 5. Photo by Cealy Tetley

Canadian Equestrian Team Named for Rio

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and Equestrian Canada (EC) have named the 10 athletes nominated to represent Canada at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games from August 5-21. Both eventing and jumping will field teams of four athletes, while two individuals…

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Tricia Smith is Newly Elected COC President

Equine Canada (EC) congratulates Tricia Smith on being voted in as president of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) on Nov. 22, 2015. Smith, an Olympian, accomplished lawyer and businesswoman, stepped in as interim president of the COC after former president,…

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Tony Eames Elected for Second Term on COC Board 

Equine Canada congratulates Tony Eames of Stouffville, Ont. on being re-elected to the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) Board of Directors. “I am delighted and honoured to have been elected to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Olympic Committee for…

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This just in re: Eric vs. EC

Published moments ago on the Globe and Mail’s website is this article by the intrepid and extremely horse sport-friendly reporter Beverley Smith, in which she quotes Akaash (you remember, that well-spoken fellow who used to be the Fearless Leader of…

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EC, disservicing an athlete near you

You know I don’t expect much of our national federation. Maybe I don’t expect anything at all. But I did expect that Equine Canada (proposed renaming – because they love to change their name every few years, presumably to shake…

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Good Grief! (emphasis on grief)

Are you kidding me? Seriously? I feel like I’m stuck in a Ziggy comic strip. Or the Ziggy card I once saw that said “it’s always darkest before it becomes pitch black”. Today, as many of you already know, Tiffany…

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Correction: Equestrian Nominees Riding off to London

(Parental advisory: Today’s post is rated ‘curmudgeon’ and is not recommended for anger-sensitive readers) Last Thursday, the long awaited ‘official’ Olympic team announcement was finally made at Spruce Meadows. A press release was issued at the same time, a document…

Lamaze and Foster Nominated to Canadian Olympic Committee

Canadian Olympic Show Jumping Champion Eric Lamaze and his student, Tiffany Foster, both of Schomberg, ON, have been nominated to the Canadian Olympic Committee for review and naming to the 2012 Canadian Olympic Team for show jumping. Lamaze, 44, made…

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