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Saudi Equestrian’s Reaction to CAS’ Findings

The entire team at Saudi Equestrian is delighted with the findings of the International Court of Arbitration for Sport which has reduced the original eight month ban handed to Khaled Abdulaziz Al Eid and Abdullah Waleed Sharbatly, to two months…

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FEI Tribunal Issues Decisions in Saudi Controlled Medication Cases

The FEI Tribunal has issued its decisions in the cases of the two Saudi Arabian athletes, Khaled Abdulaziz Al Eid and Abdullah Waleed Sharbatly, whose horses tested positive for Controlled Medication substances. The Tribunal has imposed suspensions of eight months…

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Hump Day Headlines

I’ve always hated Wednesday, even though it has the cutest nickname of all the days of the week. I know ‘hump day’ is meant to say, ‘Hey! We’re half way there!’ But to me it has always meant ‘we’re only…

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