Kye_Zeloso_028webNew.jpgWell, Bill had the garrocha pole and he was riding Zeloso. I was on Zelador and we moved over to the big ball. We pushed it around the arena, between the two pedestals and got it STUCK against the wall between bags of shavings and the tall mounting block with the radio perched on top. (Zelador was VERY interested in the radio!)

I backed him up and we approached from the south. No luck. Backed up again and approached from the north. The ball moved a bit from the east wall (an inch or two). I moved him into the arena and we came at the ball from the northwest. For a split second it looked like Zelador was going to be able to move the ball to the southwest, thus escaping the wall and barely squeaking by the tall mounting block which house the incredibly fascinating radio.

That’s when it happened. He miscalculated and PLOP! Zelador was down on both knees with his nose against the side of the ball.

A zillion thoughts flew through my head:

-what happens next

-can he get back up

-should I do something

-will he end up totally on the ground

-will I fall off

I decided to sit there and not mess up what was left of his balance. He thought about things and somehow managed to stand up. I had him go backwards two steps and we approached from the north. Yes!!!! The ball was free.