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"What were we thinking?!!!!" That’s the question my husband, Bill, and I asked ourselves when we brought home Zelador and Zeloso, two weanling Lusitano colts, at the end of December in 2004. Our combined ages exceed 112 years and our other two horses were eight-years-old and seven when we bought them. We had never worked with youngsters, didn’t know how to work with youngsters and there we were...

To say that we are having the time of our lives would be an understatement. The two Z's led us to liberty training, Working Equitation, tricks (including the bow, the smile, mounting pedestals, pushing large balls) and with any luck, carriage driving. They will begin their jumping education this month and for the past two years have explored classical horsemanship (work in-hand, long reining and work under saddle).

Their adventures and misadventures are chronicled in this blog. I hope you enjoy watching how quickly these two are training us!

The Other Side of Dora

For less than two months Dora has been at Winsong Farm learning tons of new games and tricks. She’s a total delight to work with. She’s happy, brilliant, eager. You name it, she can do it. Dora’s the perfect pupil….

Dora the Wonder Pony

Just got into the house after playing with Dora in the arena. On the really cold days I play with her in the barn so this past week the barn has seen a bit of action. Up in the arena…

Santa’s Workshop

Check out our Santa’s Workshop video! Yesterday, December 17, the horses created the video. The temperature was a warm zero, whereas today the wind is whipping and minus eight or lower. We’re SOOOO glad that we scheduled the filming for…

Blow Your Own Horn

A friend, Colleen Archer, taught her white pony named Timbit to “blow his own horn”. Yesterday I went shopping and found a bicycle horn that’s about five inches long. I introduced the new bike horn to the lower barn after…

More Fun With Dora

Dora celebrating her one week anniversary playing and learning at Winsong Farm.

The New Girl, Dora

Dora arrived last Saturday and she’s staying with us for the winter. She’ll be in our spring show. When I went to the paddock gate and called to Dora (a pony wintering with us) so that we could go to…

Attachments Run Deep

Our riding instructor, Alex, was gone for a week (missed one lesson here). He returned for the lessons on Thursday and Zelador was beside himself. I was leading him from the lower barn to the arena and Alex was just…

Reading Lessons

Watch this video of Spring Song and Pax having reading lessons:

Hombre Takes on the Red Carpet

Today when I walked into the upper barn, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER Hombre came to his door and greeted me. Usually he’s busy eating. In the arena I started with walking around and whenever he came to me (without…

Horses Communicating

Spring Song communicating. Z and Z communicating. Here’s Pax learning to nicker for a treat.

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