Yep, Pax is a cone crusher. Need more of those rubber cones… the plastic ones smash really well.

He tried to get up on the tall pedestal at least three times. Can’t believe that I actually dissuaded him!

Pax is very adept at turning on the low platforms and ALMOST pushed the big ball today! He is wary of it at first. I’m always careful to start playing with it at least five meters from him. I slowly bring the ball to him (today he was on a low platform) and position myself between him and the ball as I move it. Once I have the ball near his platform I gently roll it to him and he stays still. When he touches the ball, I give him a treat. Today I practiced rolling it to him and then rolling it from him to me. Then I attached a lead line and led him off the platform and pushed the ball. He walked along. When the ball stopped, he stopped at it and I asked him to push. He’s so very close to giving it a shove.

Pax picked up the dinosaur and I helped him carry it to the low platform. I led him and held the dinosaur at his mouth. He’ll figure it out soon.

Today came to see me work with the boys. She watched me with Zelador. He decided to multi-task with the dinosaur in his mouth as he stepped sideways over the pole. If he hadn’t been twirling the dinosaur, I think he might have been able to walk sideways, but the twirling made it too tricky. I’ve no doubt that he’ll figure it out!