The warm weather allowed me to attempt a second filming of Z and Z at liberty. Our next opportunity was the day Christi McQuaker came to help with the boys. She rode Zeloso for about twenty minutes while I rode Zelador. We took Zeloso back to the barn and did more work with Zelador. After Christi left we got both boys into the arena for filming the liberty work.

I instructed Bill to not zoom in. I had several reasons for this: 1. at my age zooming in (especially on my face) is excruciating to watch…just WHEN did I get so OLD looking!?!  2. you can’t see the pattern the horses are doing if you zoom in on just one horse.

I only verbalized reason number two. Bill’s response was: “Didn’t see much of a pattern to film.” (smart aleck!)

For this outing Bill cooperated and got both horses in the view finder. Zelador cooperated and did whatever I asked. Zeloso announced that he was a bit tired after his brief session with Christi. His routine now called for a cozy winter blanket and the rest of the day out in the paddock…sun bathing and eating.

We will be filming, again.