Today is a bit on the “cool” side so I didn’t saddle up any of the horses. I worked with four of them this morning. I started with nineteen-year-old Kye at liberty. He walked, trotted and cantered around me, changed directions and was calm and proud. About a year ago Bill told me Kye does liberty. I took him into the arena this past summer, unhooked the lead line and stood stunned as he zoomed around me. So today’s relaxed outing was a huge improvement.

Next horse was Pax. He’s almost boring in his perfection. However, his laid-back attitude has resulted in me working harder to get him to trot than he works. But today he was eager to spring forward when asked.

Zeloso actually kept all four on the floor. He, too, was a delight. Guess this is a “calm horse day” as opposed to those challenging windy ones!

Zelador and I worked on the canter “pirouette”. I decided to actually canter a pirouette for him. He watched attentively. I asked him to do one and it was quite animated. He essentially turned on a dime at the canter (with a trot step snuck in). I decided that what he saw and what I thought I did were two different things. Next time I demonstrate I’ll make a bigger circle.