Free Rein

Working with horses and their people is a passion of mine. My educational journey in horsemanship and riding has been combined with my path of learning to teach people how to focus on energy, behavior and dialogue with their horses.

My style of horsemanship involves the well-being of the whole horse, thus the holistic approach to my training and care practices. I love investigating anything and anyone who claims to be for the good of the horse, as I am a forever student and continue to learn how to be the kind of human my horses want to work with! I will be sharing my findings in this blog.

I've also had the amazing opportunity to take part in a concept for a tv show, and my fingers are crossed that this project will take off. Until that happens, I direct potential clients to the pilot to give them a taste of what I?m all about. You can check out "Free Rein" at

Please note that the opinions and methods expressed on this blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Horse Publications Group.

~ Jessica Fobert and Free Rein Horsemanship

Barn Safety Part 2: Tying

In my last blog,  we covered a few simple concepts related to safety around other horses in the barn. Standing tied is also an important aspect to barn safety. Many horses feel restricted due to their natural claustrophobia when they are read more

Barn Safety Part 1

The barn aisle is a handy place to carry out many tasks with your horse. Professionals who visit such as your vet, farrier, chiropractor or massage therapist all appreciate a horse who can stand relaxed in the barn while they read more

Helping the Herd Bound Horse

The herd provides company and safety. Belonging to a herd assures each member that they will follow a matriarch to food and water. There is also ample opportunity to rest easy and catch a nap because other members of the read more

Healthier Hooves Between Farrier Visits

Have you ever racked your brain about how to get rid of that crack that never seems to grow out of your horse’s hoof? A toe crack that sticks around for months or years is a sign that something is read more

I Have Joined a Special Kind of Mom Club

Horses are a passion of mine, a unique pulse that runs through my blood that I find difficult to explain. In June, I joined the Mom club, but not just any Mom club. This club is for the crazy women read more

6 Ways to Develop a Connection with Your Horse

There is a connection between those of us who spend time with horses, whether it be for sport or pleasure. We have been inspired by their majesty, strength and powerful presence. Owning a horse, paying his board, feeding him and read more

Cheat Sheet to Better Horse Health

Many riders are aware of when their horse is feeling a little under the weather. The obvious signs can be easy to see, but I am going to outline a few simple, perhaps less obvious factors that I keep in read more

Watch and Learn from Your Trainer

Many riders who love their horses realize that they do not have enough time, enough knowledge or experience to help their horse develop to the level that the rider is seeking. Sometimes the best way to set both the horse read more

Back Into Shape for Spring

Spring is around the corner. The frigid temperatures will be easing off, and the thought of riding without toes frozen to the stirrups is refreshing! Some of our horses have become couch potatoes through the winter. The last thing these read more

5 Exercises to Strengthen your Horse’s Hind End

I come across many horses that have soundness challenges or general “hind end weakness” during horsemanship lessons and training. The majority of these horses are in the prime years of their life. At 10-15 years old, they still have many read more

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