Everything has gone well for the last week, not much going on. It has gotten really cold and it actually snowed a bit the other day! Oslo is now wearing his jacket everyday; we both bundle up every morning.

Training went well this week. I sat down and had a meeting with Jan to make a training plan for the winter and for the new year. He has been riding Vitall a few times this week. It was really interesting to watch. We are working on strength training that he gets stronger behind and is able to hold more collection for example in the pirquettes. We are strengthening him so he doesn’t panic and spin. Jan also worked on Piaff because pirquette work and Piaff work are virtually the same it requires the horse to distrubute the same amount of weight and carry. The piaff work was incredible to watch I couldn’t believe how easy it was for Vitall and he loves doing it.

A friend of mine from Vancouver who is at business school in Copenhagen came to visit me this weekend. It was nice to see a familier face from home again. The countdown is on for x-mas, I am going home in 4 weeks and I can’t wait! It feels like forever ago that I was last in Vancouver time has flown by.

Jan has left for Brazil now for a 5 day clinic we will get back to training on Thursday.

Oslo and I have been walking 7km three times a week now. He is slowly getting a waste line back which is good because he was getting a bit too chubby!