It was a whirlwind trip!

I never knew a week could go by so fast. By the time I was back at the airport on Saturday, I looked over at my mom and said it felt like I had just arrived. I had a wonderful time but was very, very busy with all sorts of appointments over the week including hair, doctors, chiropractor etc.

I also organized my FEI pony Precious moving to Utah to his new retirement home which sounds perfect for him. He is going to have a big field to himself. The lady that is taking him is just under 5ft and weighs maybe a 100lbs so she is going to work him lightly and just enjoy him. Precious is going to be set for life!  I couldn’t have asked for more.

I was a tad disappointed with the weather at home It was only sunny a few days and rained the rest but never the less, I still got everything I needed to do done.

My Dad flew in from South East Asia on the weekend and we finally got to spend a week together after only seeing each other twice in a year. Every time I come home he is in Europe and we always seem to miss each other so it was nice to catch up. On my last day at home the British car show was on. We have gone to the show almost every year since I was a little girl. I used to hate it but now I love it. We have always shared a passion for cars together. An even bigger bonus was my Grandfather from Scotland came to visit. He arrived Saturday morning just before I left so we got to have lunch. It was sad to leave home, it always feels nice to go back so I use it as a recharging session.

Now I’m back in my 2nd home where it is 25 degrees and very hot and sunny – I got burned right away. Oslo was mad at me when I picked him up from Corne but he came around after an hour and gave me non-stop kisses. Vitall was also happy to see his mom.

Anky said Vitall had been really good over the week. She found that he leans too much to the right (which I feel as well) and she worked at keeping him quick. As long as he is quick he doesn’t lean so much. My motto continues to be SPEED CONTROL – that’s where it’s at.

All the girls did well this past weekend in Moorsele.

One more piece of exciting news! While I was home my British passport arrived so now I am a legal citizen in the EU. Makes my life much easier now I won’t be getting into trouble every time I go through customs.