I made a trip home last week to surprise my dad for his birthday! We haven’t been together as a family for his birthday in the last three years so it was fantastic to be able to surprise him. I also visited with some friends and ran around town doing errands so the week flew by. Oslo stayed across the pond this trip with the girls from the barn and Anky rode Vitall.

I just got back here Thursday. The next day, I jumped in the car and went to watch the European JR/YR championships hosted by Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff’s Schafhof in Kronberg, Germany. The place is out of this world with beautiful gardens and pathways and fountains… it was like paradise. I couldn’t imagine being able to ride there every day. Not to mention that there were lots and lots of beautiful horses and talented riders, I learned a lot watching.

Today, Saturday, I am heading back to Germany to go to a big music festival. Called Love Parade it is a free event and has been touring around Europe in July for the last 5 years. It features some of my favorite DJ’s and artists so it should be very exciting – I will be sure to take pictures. I wanted to take pictures at Europeans but my camera died.

Over the next week I will get right back into training as I have a show coming up next weekend in Eindhoven.