Aug17.jpgThis weekend was one big party! We had a big barn bbq friday night then went to the bar in town because it was closing for the next month for renovations. Everyone had a great time dancing and drinking ’till 2 am. Needless to say, we were all a little tired starting work the next morning…

I had a great ride on Saturday! I am really pleased with how my horse’s trot is improving. He is getting much steadier and full of expression. Afterwards, Emelie, one of the girl’s here, and I left to go to a big music festival in Gothenburg which is about a 2 1/2 hour drive north. It was a nice drive and pretty easy along a straight highway. Gothenburg is an amazing city with a similar feel to San Francisco with the hills and trains on the street. I was proud of myself as it was my first time driving manual in a city with all the stop and go traffic. Thankfully, I managed the hill starts no problem otherwise it would have been pretty embarrassing.

The weather was terrible that day and had rained all day but we were lucky and by the time we got to the festival it had stopped. The one problem was the MUD and we were wearing the wrong shoes so we were a little dirty by the time we left. After watching the bands play, we went to different night clubs that had set up in the festival area. The line ups were insane though so Emelie and I decided to leave and go to a normal club right downtown. We had know idea where to go so we hailed a cab and asked the driver to take us to the “clubbing area”. He took us to this main street with 15 different places. We ended up going to a house that was turned into a night club with 4 floors and a huge outdoor lounge area. We met lots of fun people and danced till 4 am!

On the way home I was on a mission to go Ikea to get a mattress topper for my bed – one of those tempurpedic ones. Luckily we found it and my bed is really comfy now. When I brought it home and put on my bed Oslo instantly jumped up and flopped over I think he likes it.

I am in need of major rest before work on Monday.