AlexJune2909.jpgWatching the Kyra clinic was fantastic. She got on one of Jan’s Stallions and I couldn’t believe how she used her seat and legs. She has so much power, it is truly inspiring to watch her make everything look so effortless. All the riders that were here for the clinic were very nice. We had a very full kitchen for a couple days so it made it hard to cook. 

I had my first training sessions with Jan this week… As I mentioned before he did an evalulation all very positive and then he rode my horse. He, obviously, rode him so, so well. It was nice to see someone fix the issues I have trouble with. I didn’t realize how educational the visual training is as well as “feeling” it. I have always felts him slide through my right leg and get tight left. I watched Jan move his body around to get him up and through and really pushing from behind. When I had my lesson I had a mental picture of what he did and transformed that into the feeling I felt and it made a big difference. I was riding him much more up and through with quick short steps and out in the neck. I was really happy it the result.

Jan has now left for the Scandinavian Championships till Sunday so we are all just taking it easy with the horses. I took Vitall down through the forest to the race track and rode him on the grass.  He likes his easy days and he was pretty tired. It’s been really sunny here this week finally summer weather! I was begining to feel like I wasn’t going to see the sun for awhile.

Catis the National team thereapist visited Tulstrop again today. She treated my horse… he was better then last time. We just need some laser work over his back and needles in his stifles to help relax his hind end since he has been working this hard he is really tired. I feel really privledged to have access to someone like her.

Here are some photos from the “Mid Summer” celebration that I mentioned in my last post.