It’s been a little while since I have updated everyone.  Unfortunately  Vitall  bumped himself getting off the truck a week before Aachen I was so disappointed!!! He had been going fantastic and I was even more excited to debut my freestyle. Aachen will have to wait till next year. Vitall is just coming back into work.  Working on getting him back into tip top shape then we will look at the calendar and see what shows I will go to later in August/September.

The youngsters  are going fantastic,  I really, really enjoy working with the young ones it is so rewarding, I cantered  my 3yr mare  for the first time the other day and I had a big grin, just the small things feel like big milestones. I am amazed how quickly they’re all learning.  I am really enjoying producing my own young horses for the future ,  buying another Grand Prix horse is not an option and even if it was I wouldn’t do it, I really like bringing along my 3-4 yr. olds as they get older I know there history and if it goes wrong its my own fault. I find best way working with the young horses is having lots of patience and repeating the same things so they learn a routine. Building the building blocks.

Since I was not able to compete in Aachen I went home (Vancouver) for 10 days to see my family and friends and chill out a bit. I was so lucky with the weather!! It was absolutely beautiful. I went up to Whistler one weekend to a friends cabin,  the mountains and the drive was just breath taking after being away from home for so long you really appreciate the beauty of Vancouver.  

While I was home I was active but I hadn’t been to the gym for 3 weeks,  I am back in the gym and getting back into a fitness routine, first few days I was a little sore but its a good sore!!

I only have a few more months in Europe before I head to Florida for the Winter season, at the moment while Vitall is not in full work, I have been learning in hand work and long lining it is amazing the benefits of in hand work.

Wishing Everyone at NAJYRC best of luck, and hope everyone has an amazing time!