alex_exploring.jpgVitall has been going super since the show. He continues to get stronger and stronger. We are still working on tweaking everything, being able to adjust the speed and frame within the movements. In the piaffe, we are working on being able to make quicker smaller steps. His trot is completely changing. It is an incredible feeling now, the power underneath me is one of the coolest feelings. I was joking with Anky that a Ferro can actually “trot” since that’s not their strong point, but, for us, it is getting to be one of ours! I am a very proud mommy.

Other than riding, I have still been having my butt kicked in the gym with my personal trainer, which is also going really well, minus the muscle pain the days after, but it’s worth it at the end of the day.

This past weekend, I went and visited an old monastery in Tilburg. It was beautiful. When we pulled through the gate we drove up this long drive with draping trees then this incredible building appeared. We toured around the property through all the different paths. There were lots of rabbits running around, they were too cute! Inside the building was amazing. The old original tile floors and all original stained glass windows were incredible. But I almost got lost, there where so many different rooms I didn’t know left from right at the end of it, but it was definitely something to see. It’s a bit of passion of mine going and looking at old architecture and what a better place to do it around Europe!

Tomorrow I am going to Aachen with Anky. She asked me if I wanted to come with her when she goes to coach Morgan. I’m thrilled to see it. I will be sure to have a full update with photos. Hopefully we won’t be rained out, because instead of summer we have sprung right into fall.