Things have gone well again this week, Vitall is really coming along and getting lighter and lighter every day. He is starting to move through his body in a different way. He has more power coming through that I didn’t even know was there – it is an incredible feeling.

The other day my lesson was almost all walk. I really like how Anky doesn’t rush the horses into exercises. Vitall was a bit tense and really holding right and not bending; he would give but then get tight again. Anky told me that it was ok and some days they’re like this and to just wait it out. She explained that if I only did a bit of trot or canter work that I shouldn’t worry, it’s more important that he lets go and relaxes. This was a huge thing for me and Vitall because lightness is the key to his success in the exercises and the show ring. I was pleased to be given the opportunity to just work through it in a relaxed way. Anky said to me that some days you work like this and other days, if they feel good, you bring them along and do practice movements from the test etc.  She likes to vary the training from day to day to keep it interesting for the horse and rider.

On Wednesday I took a small trip to Eindhoven airport to pick my friend Emelie who had arrived from Sweden. It’s been really nice having her here these past few days; I’m enjoying the company. We had a great night out at a sushi restaurant. I love sushi so when I found out there was a sushi restaurant here I was thrilled! 

Carry from Custom Saddles was also here here this weekend. Today he came and re-fitted my saddle which has been giving me some trouble since Vitall has gained so much more muscle. After he fixed it, the difference was like night and day. 

The weather has taken a turn for the worse. We now have snow and it’s very, very cold :(. At least today it was sunny and the snow sparkled in the light which was gorgeous… as long as you are dressed warmly.

Speaking of being dressed warmly. The other day the hotel was cleaning my room and the owner thought he would be nice and wash my cashmere wool jacket. When I came back into my room I saw my jacket had been washed I almost cried. Unfortunately, it shrunk :(. The owner felt terrible and my poor pea coat has now gone to coat heaven. I am now on the hunt for a new one!

Anky is gone now to Wellington until the 9th of Feb. While she is gone, I am going to just keep working away at the exercises and working on a competion plan. I need to get my Dutch license, much like the ones in Canada and the US. I have lots of little jobs to organize and work on while she is away.