This is the second video put out by Land Rover UK. They’re doing videos on each equestrian discipline, and this one gave me goose bumps .I love the analogies they use to describe what we do. “To have the mentality and training like a kindergarten teacher, patient and instructions easy to understand.”

I also love how they emphasize the bond and harmony between horse and rider. When you have a bond with your horse, it’s like nothing else in the world. I always say when I sit on Vitall I feel like I am at home. Knowing your horse inside and out just knowing the smallest things is what makes the partnership shine. When you have the partnership and bond with your horse, that is when you can truly shine in the competition arena.

Vitall and I know each other so well. He knows my foot steps and calls to me every morning as I enter the stables, and each day that puts a smile on my face. Having this bond and focus is what keeps me going through all the up’s and downs in training. During the times Vitall was injured I truly believe in him so I took the time and gave him the time to heal so we can shine together.

Hope everyone enjoys this video as much as I did.

Updates and info about my new adventure to Wellington, Florida in my next blog!!