Through the weekend and today that is all Vitall and I have been working on in our lessons. I’m working on keeping him forward and short. Every time I ask him to stay forward/active he goes forward a few strides then shrinks back behind me. To counteract this, I have been having to exaggerate my aids to really make a point to make him extra aware. Idon’t want him to be afraid of my legs but reactive because he sometimes just ignores me. Everyday it gets a bit better.

This week I’m preparing for Weert, a national competion and I’ll be riding the PSG again. There is four of us going and we’re all excited to be going together. We really feel like a team even though we are competing against each other.

This weekend it was a big national holiday here… Queen’s day. On Thursday night we went to a big party in town. Tickets had sold out so we had to wait two hours asking random people if they wanted to sell their tickets. We were also being naughty and looking at ways to sneak in. But in the end we got tickets. It was a great night all of us from the barn were there dancing away and laughing. Then on Friday night we went to the same party in town.

Oslo also got dressed up!

I’ll report on the weekend on how Weert went.