This Aaturday went really well in Uden. This test was a real learning experience. I think Vitall and I now finally have our routine down pat and this was the first time he didn’t quit on me. The overall feeling felt great. I was able to keep him forward the whole time and make my transitions which have been the hard part. There were a few mistakes I over rode the test. He was a bit to forward. The judges comments were all positive they just wanted to see more collection. They were right but I didn’t go in there to ride a perfect test, I went in it to experiment.

Training this week has been super, I went into the woods on Monday for an hour trail ride, it was really relaxing for both of us. Then it was back to work on Tuesday. Vitall has been coming out to work much more relaxed the past few weeks. I think it is because we are both starting to really understand the system. Things have really seemed to “click” and now we are able to move onto the nitty gritty bits of training. All the same things that count. For example being able to make transitions in the excecises, a little bit forward, a little bit back, etc. Also being able to work on consistancy so that the frame and rhythm don’t change. Finally everything is becoming constant. I couldn’t be happier :).

We have another competion coming up next Saturday in Ermelo where the Young Rider Europeans were held last year. My goals for next Saturday are to ride with a bit more collection and work on my transitions again. I’m going there to experiment in the ring. I want to learn what works and doesn’t work so when it comes to the big shows I am over prepared and have enough tricks up my sleeve to be able to go in there and fix things rather than panicking in the ring.

Another way to say it is putting tools in the tool box.

It has been really hot here the past few days almost in the 30’s. A few of us went to the beach yesterday to get some sun so I don’t end up like most with dark arms and white legs!! But sadly I got a bit burnt. Stronger sun block for next time!

It’s very busy right now as Anky has a lot of new people here for the week. One guy from Germany comes quite often. A girl from Italy with two horses and Jane Gregory from England with two horses. It has been really interesting watching her work with new students and to see the improvements over the week.

There was also a big sponsor dinner here the other night with over 200 people. The place is just bustling with people. Never a dull moment and I love it.