Aug17collage.jpgFriday’s run through of the int 1 went really well. I was really nervous before hand and I didn’t run through the test in advance though I had done small bits of it. In the days leading up to the show, I was working on more basic things and getting Vitall really through and supple. 

I find doing these small schooling show so beneficial. It was one of the shows where you don’t get a test paper, the comments are on video. I find I learn so much better this way because I can actually see what’s going wrong or where I made the little mistakes. I had a bit of trouble with the canter zig zag. I went to step across for the first part so it made it more difficult for the change at the end. One Pirouette was a bit too big and he got a bit unsteady in the frame. Over all though, for a first run through, it was good. Anky was pleased and so was I. It’s nice that Vitall is finally working with me in the show ring.

Also this weekend I went to Antwerp in Belgium. Everyone raves about the city so I thought it was about time I checked it out but I wasn’t overly impressed. It was a bit dirty and lacked some character but it did have some nice buildings. My favorite part was the zoo which was right next to central station. It was a beautiful park to walk through and they had every animal imaginable. My favorites are always the penguins, I find them hilarious to watch. I also had to make sure I ate french fries while I was in Belgium since that is where they come from, it’s a must when you visit!

Summer is leaving us here in holland it is starting to feel like fall, sweaters are starting to come out in the evenings. Bye bye tan!!