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Start of the Wellington Season

The winter competition season is now in full swing. Wellington is

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The winter competition season is now in full swing. Wellington is all hustle and bustle – horses and people. The quiet days of summer, when you could walk into any restaurant and get a table without a reservation are gone. So much for the weak economy. I really enjoy the sense of excitement and anticipation as riders and horses prepare for each competition.

Five CDIs so far at Global have been held. Unfortunately, I had to scratch from the first CDI. My first ride in the CDI ring with Vitall at the Grand Prix level did not meet expectations. Vitall was very tense even though we had a really good warm up. He was more than aware that he was being asked to perform, but we made some green mistakes that brought the marks down.

After every competition, I review the results of each movement and reasons for same and then re-work our training to compensate. It’s all a function of riding the test. In preparation for this week’s CDI, we have worked through the minor glitches and Vitall is ready.

Working with Juan Matute and being part of his team is truly amazing. I continue to learn so much from him and each coaching lesson is a joy.

This year, the CDIs have record entries. Very competitive. Global Dressage are doing a fine job running the shows .Perfect execution. A big thank you to all the show organizers and sponsors who make it all possible.

My young horses are progressing really well. I plan to enter my five-year-old mare ,Faye, in the FEI 5-Year-Old class in March. It will be her first outing. Cooper will debut at the third level later this season.

Oslo is so happy that the heat and humidity of summer is over. He has so much more energy. The days are t-shirt warm with a light jacket at night.

The jog is on Wednesday and the Grand Prix starts on Thursday and the Special is Saturday.

Full report from the show to come soon!

Go Vitall!!!