Not much to report over the last few days. I have come down with some sort of bug… no, not H1N1 (swine flu). Everyone here keeps bugging me that it is because I haven’t taken the shot for it. So I have just been resting, in fact all I have been doing is sleeping for the past two days now.  Jan rode my horse for me which is good and was nice to watch. He worked on single changes and collected walk. Vitall is also getting acupuncture this week so he will enjoy that.

I was supposed to have a meeting with a pilates coach in Helsingborg 40 min away from Tullstorp but since I haven’t been well I had to re-schedule for next week.

The weather has been dark, with a very ominous misty foggy and wet almost everyday. It is really spooky at night. The outside light of my house stopped working so you can barely see it at night. Somehow, Oslo and I manage to find the door and I usually keep one light on inside that helps. The neighbors dog has also been barking at 1 am which then sets Oslo off in a tizzy and the two dogs have a barking contest for 20 min or so which is driving me crazy!

Over the past few days, before I got sick, I got to ride couple of the 4yr olds here. It’s kinda fun riding the babies because they’re so different. I actually really enjoy riding the young ones, so long as they’re not mental it’s ok. I find rewarding, you get almost the same feeling from riding a grand prix horse as when a baby figures out the little things like simple trot walk transitions. That’s what I have been working on with the young guys… tons and tons of transitions. I think that transitions are so key in training, they really are the back bone so that everything is done right.

It is starting to feel like Christmas now. I can’t believe this year has gone by so fast. All the lights are up in town and it’s very pretty.