Vitall and I are busy putting our freestyle together for Aachen I am really excited about it. I chose music from a kids’ video game called Skylanders. My little nephew is thrilled as it’s one of his favourite games. I chose the music because it appeals to everyone, its light and upbeat but also dramatic where It needs to be. So I will be practising it in my sleep to have it perfect for Aachen. Many thanks to Karen Robinson for making such an amazing freestyle for me.

Aachen is right around the corner. When I first heard I was able to ride at CHIO Aachen, Germany end of June I was over the moon, then the reality set in that I was actually going and not just dreaming it, and I got a little nervous, but now the nerves are going away and I am feeling more ready than ever. I am confident in Vitall; he has become so much stronger his condition is back to where it you use to be. This will be my first CDI with Vitall and his first big competition since his injury.

His piaffe/passage transitions are much smoother, and I have more control in my pirouettes. I learned an interesting technique to always have them bang on centre line, which is to ride a little bit shoulder-fore, then a slight leg yield over, then turn into your pirouette. If you do this, you always come out right on centre line

In my freestyle I have a canter to passage transition, Vitall and I are busy practising that downward transition. He is getting it slowly but surely, just repetition, repetition. Also practising my zig zag, so that the change of bend becomes effortless. I

n my everyday training, I am mainly working on supplying work and moving his body around, and on his off days the weather is finally nice we are going out hacking and doing hill work. I actually found some small hills to go up and down, which is a miracle here since Holland is so flat!

The youngsters are also going really well, learning and progressing every week. I am starting to teach them leg yielding. Some get it easier than others, but I am impressed how quickly they learn. I really enjoy working with the young horses, I find it really rewarding.

I moved a month and a bit ago into my new place. I am now starting to feel at home, but it took a little while to adjust to a new place. I had some friends visiting from home (Vancouver) a few weeks ago, and it was fun to show them around. I went to my first football (soccer) game, that was really exciting and entertaining. I haven’t been to the gym as much as I like lately. I have been too busy, but I made a new promise to myself to make time to go!

I will make sure to take lots of pictures and videos from Aachen!!

Go Moose Go!