shoppingpixalexblogapr7.jpgThis weekend we had the Anky sample sale. Everyone in the barn got to shop at cost for the spring collection. It was like kids in a candy store. All of us girls rummaging through sweaters t-shirts etc everyone yelling ‘Is this color ok?’ ‘Does this fit ok?’ It was hilarious. I was really pleased with my purchases and I’m now totally stocked up. I bought 4 zip up sweaters, 4 polo shirts and 2 wind breaker jackets.  The spring collection is full of bright colors, I even bought an orange sweater. I never wear orange but since its the Dutch national color I decided to expand my color horizon and buy orange.

Training the past few days has gone really well. Vitall is feeling really good. He is coming out lighter and more supple everyday. We went through some of the PSG the other day. Anky taught me a neat technique for center lines. Vitall tends to slam to a halt and come too far under himself so for the next few days when I practice my center lines I have to halt through walk. The new sequence is canter, walk 2 steps, then halt. Then for the transition to trot we tend to kind of grip together, grab the contact and put leg on for the transition. So Anky really made me give in the reins to get a clearer trot transition. It was much, much easier. It’s all the little details, my new favorite word: “DETAILS, DETAILS” and ” Back to basics”.

My friend Sara coming next Thursday to see me and I’m really excited. She is coming for 10 days and we are planning to go to Sweden to see her Young stallion who is standing stud at Flynge. I’m also planning to go back to Hassleholm and have dinner with Melanie.  But before we head off to Sweden next Friday there is a practice competion where you can ride a test and have it videoed and have a judge give you feedback. I’m planning to run through the PSG. Vitall and I are a bit rusty in the show ring haven’t been in one since October.


the photos: are oslo as my dinner date and my cloths.