I had my meeting with Jan yesterday and we worked out a plan. I am going to be working from 8-11 am helping warm-up horses, grooming etc. and then I have a lesson and lunch/free time. Then I work again at 4:30-6pm to do evening barn chores, bring horses in, etc.

Yesterday the Swedish team horse therapist came and worked on Vitall, she was really good. He had some acupuncture done and laser work to help relax his muscles from the trip but overall he has settled in really well.

Oslo, my dog, is also enjoying it here. There are tons of wild rabbits and foxes which he loves chasing. There is also a field of cows right behind my house which he has taken great offence to. He charges the fence barking at them, it really is funny!

Today I was easing into my work day… It’s a little hard because everyone speaks in Swedish then someone has to repeat the whole list to me in English so I know what’s going on. I feel a little confused most of the time but I know it always takes time to get into the swing of things. Thankfully everyone here is patient and kind enough to go through it with me. I am really pleased how everything is going though. It is an amazing place to work and, as I said to my mom, there is no way you could be unhappy here. The vibe through the whole property is always in good spirits – even the horses.

One exciting tid bit that happened today: I was given the opportunity to sit on BRIAR!! Only walking but it was still a huge honor as Jan doesn’t let many people on him. When I first sat on him, Jan didn’t tell me that he is a little cold backed and you have to walk him into the ring to get on otherwise he just kicks out at the leg. So I’m sitting there and I ask him to walk and he doesn’t move… I was thinking ok… is there a special button? I yelled out to Jan to ask and he laughed and said “Sorry” you have to get on in the ring. Then I didn’t feel like such an idiot.  So I had a smile for the rest of the day.

The only other task I have is to get something to cover the window in the door at my house. It is only dark here 4 hours a day so in the middle of the night a blast of sunshine comes in and wakes me up so I always feel tired and as though I haven’t slept through the night.