peekaboo giraffe

The other day I went on a safari tour about 45 min away from my house. It was incredible and it was a blast to just be a kid all day and walk around and look at all these exotic animals. I love it how animals can always make you laugh and put a smile on your face. My face hurt a little bit after our adventure at the safari park because I laughing so hard at the monkeys. But the giraffes were my favourite part.They come and lick your car as you’re driving through. It was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen and so entertaining. They have huge purple tongues!

On another note, Edward and Vitall are going really well. I am so proud of Edward he is really growing up. He’s one brave little guy. The other day he did trot poles for the first time. He wasn’t phased at all. The first time over he really jumped then he thought he was an old pro. We have been riding him now in the big outdoor arena, which is actually very spooky with trees alongside and the road close by with big trucks whizzing by but he takes it all in stride and stays focused on his work and for a three-year-old. I couldn’t ask for more. I am one proud mommy!

Vitall is coming back well. I’m really taking my time with him, but I am happy with how he is feeling. He was just at the vet for a check up and he said everything looks good so we can keep progressing. I have been using IceVibe boots on him they’re fantastic easy to use and not crazy expensive… they’re a win/win.

As for summer weather… Hmm it’s just a typical Dutch summer – warm for one week,  nice and sunny, and now it’s back to stormy cold and very wet. Almost feels like fall the last few days. My mom sent me a little video of her walking with the dogs at home on the sea wall and I was very jealous because it was so sunny! Hopefully the sunshine comes back shortly.

It’s almost Olympic time!!! I wish our Canadian team the best of luck! My fingers and toes are crossed for them.


Check out this video for IceVibe boots.