The past few weeks have been a blast been. Cirque de Soleil Corteo was fantastic! The music and the choreography was superb. I recommend the show to anyone. I would like to use some of the music from the show for a freestyle. I walked out of there full of some great freestyle ideas.


Body Worlds exhibition.

I also went Body Worlds exhibition, which I have been wanting to catch for years. I always missed it when it was in Vancouver and now I have finally managed to go. It was really interesting. I learned a lot about how muscles, tendons etc. work. I was fascinated how everything is connected and how it all works together. I know some people complain about it being real people, but to be honest you don’t even really think about it, you are so interested and fascinated by it all and it is all so professional. I was really, really impressed.

One more adventure I have been on was this past weekend in Belgium DayDream music festival. It was the kick-off music festival of the summer, but it wasn’t exactly summer weather. The afternoon was nice, but when the sun went down…BRRRR it was chilly. Nevertheless, I still had a fun time. There was a main stage and various other tents, with each tent offering different types of music. I was really surprised, but happy to see how strict festivals are getting now with security, with full putdowns, bag searches, and this time they had dogs and people lining up to be checked for drugs. It’s about time they made sure it was a fun and safe environment.

Both my boys are going well. It’s cute – normally Barthel is scared of horses, but he has really taken a liking to Edward. Maybe it’s because he is a bit smaller than Vitall, but he likes walking him around (see picture). Barthel and I have been working on getting Edward used to all sorts of different sounds. I have had Barthel slamming doors running up and down the stairs by the indoor arena clapping, you name it we have done it. I want to make sure my little guy is used to everything!

Barthel and Edward

I have also been riding a Grand Prix schoolmaster over the last little bit. WalkingStar is a black gelding and I am having a blast learning on him. I have entered him for a few national shows. Starting with a practice show on the 27th and a national show on the 29th.