This past sunday the girls and I got to sit on bonfire!

No… not the real one of course but in the town they have a life size statue of him. So we decided to be funny and go for a ride. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were on our way to watch the grand prix jumping in Lummen Belgium.  Which was amazing the fences were huge.  When we walked in Sara and I had a good laugh for the poster of Jumping Lummen they had Ian Miller on it we felt like proud Canadians walking around.

Training has gone really well this week, the system is really starting to click.  Im starting to feel more confident and Vitall is coming out lighter and lighter. As Anky said to me the other day “life can be easy” we just don’t need to make everything so complicated which we all do. We end up over riding more then we need to.

Sara left today :(. We had a fantastic two weeks together. Lots and lots of laughs. We were lucky to  have not one day of rain except for today. My room feels a little bit empty. I officially hate the dutch highways. It took Camilla (the english girl who has moved here) 2 1/2 hrs to get home bumper to bumper we were crawling along.

The the next few days I’m going to take it easy Vitall has been working hard so I think he deserves some nice new spring grass and a walk in the woods.