I was watching a movie in the bar the other night and left Oslo in my room. I had a bottle of Melatonin sleeping pills in the room and when I came back Oslo had eaten half the bottle!!! I had to phone my mom and get her to call the vet and ask what to do. They told me I had to induce vomiting. Not a a fun task. I had to put my fingers down his throat he kept trying to bite me. I felt terrible. Then I had to wake up in the middle of the night to check on him and make sure he was still breathing.

Saturday Oslo decided he wanted to go swimming down at the pond. I regularly take him down there for a run because it’s all fenced in but all of a sudden I look and I see no Oslo and I hear this splash splash noise. Well, he can’t swim because he is so top heavy so I was about to jump in but he managed to get the edge and I was able to grab him. As a mother of my doggy it was a very nerve wracking couple days.

Saturday I had a great lesson. Jan used one of Kyra’s techniques. I rode with a jumping bat across my hands which creates a perfect rectangle and consistent contact between your hands and the horses mouth. I found it really helpful and it made a big difference. Jan said he uses it a lot when he is riding 1 tempis as an aid to balance his hands so that they are perfectly still, creating that “perfect contact”. I am learning more and more everyday I love it and I’m feeling really inspired!