June8collage.jpgIt was a 5:30 am start to my Journey to Athens and a 3 hour plane ride of watching movies and listening to music… waiting patiently to arrive to the glorious sunshine and warmth of the beach and the sand on my feet. This trip to London and Athens has meant a lot to me as I get to travel with my Dad. It’s been nice sharing time together and learning more about business and international affairs I certainly feel more educated.  Looking out the window coming down to land was like peering into the dessert compared to Sweden. It was very hot!

Im staying just 20 min outside of Athens in a remote area with a HUGE beach!  I went and saw the Acropolis , Athena’s temple etc. It was also neat to see the Olympic venue’s from 2004.  For the next few days I am just going to relax. 

My horse (Vitall) and Oslo (dog) are leaving on Monday and I will see them on Friday back and Tullstrop. I’m enjoying the sun but I cant wait to go back and start riding again. I’ve missed my kids a lot.