Feb8collage.jpgMy flight home was rather exciting. On the plane with me were the Russian and Romania teams and the Italian and Dutch officials. It was a very colorful flight as every one was dressed in their country’s colors. Russia being the boldest in red.

I sat next to one of the Italian officials. It was fun to get the inside scoop on what they do for the teams and how they organize everything for the athletes. We also discussed the huge amount of pressures on the athletes to win medals. Never mind the pressures us athletes put on ourselves, but the outside pressure from your country was big… so it was a rather educational flight.

Oslo flew very well. I felt so bad for him being under the plane but he was first off when I went to collect my bags. People were looking at me very funny carting around a big dog cage on a trolly and trying to push it with my one good hand. Getting my bags off the conveyor with one hand was also a bit of a challenge. I had to put my bag on top of Oslo’s cage and a very nice lady came to help me.

Security at the airport was very high. My passport was checked about 5 times in the space of 10 minutes – there were tons of people everywhere.

Vancouver is in high spirits all over the city. I am hopefully going to the opening ceremony as a friend of mine is singing – I will be sure to take lots of photos. Over the next week I am going to play tourist and go to all the different venues set up around the city.

I went to the hospital on Saturday and sat there for a very boring 2 hours. I actually fell asleep in the chair waiting for my x-rays. The women who came to get me was a bit embarrassed about having to wake me up… as was I. I got to see my x-rays which was cool. A nice pretty break but thankfully it is clean and I don’t need surgery or anything. I go on Tuesday to the specialist to get checked again then I get a proper cast.

I just wanted to say Congrats to Anky for winning the freestyle at the Masters this past weekend. She remains the freestyle queen. But my fellow Canadians did really well also GO CANADA GO!! We are slowly climbing up the ladder and will soon be a force to be recond with.