The opening ceremonies were very well done. It really showed the different cultures and our history with the Aboriginal. The organizing committee really took the opportunity to embrace Aboriginal people through story telling.

I must say, Vancouver has really come together as a city. It’s been really fun going downtown to all the different events they have on. My friends and I went the other night all dressed in our Canadian cloths cheering on the country! Everyone is in high spirits.

I’m going up to Whistler Mountain for a few nights which should be exciting also!

My wrist is mending and still a bit sore. I’m going to the hospital again on Saturday for a check up – keep your fingers crossed its mending well :).

Oslo is also enjoying his vacation home. He and my other french bull dog, Bizou, are happy to be together again and have been playing non-stop!

Here are some olympic photos of: Athletes village, the olympic logos, the torch, the rings outside the convention center and my new cast and Olso and Bizou playing.

I will report from Whistler later this week.