This past week has been really busy training and MOVING!!

I moved down the street to a new apartment with another girl who I train with.  I decided to move so I could hsave some more space and make a bit more of a “home”.  I loved my room at Anky’s, but I felt like a change and the big bonus with the new place is the giant bath tub!!!! When I was given a tour of the new place and I saw the bath tub I said “SOLD!” I missed having baths after long days of training. It’s hard to believe how much stuff I had in my old and it’s amazing what I’ve found while packing up. Another bonus to the new place is the big walk in closest. I’ve already made friends with my neighbours, when I walk out my front door there is a small heard of goats, a pot belly pig, chickens and rabbits – they’re all so cute!! The goats have become my new friends and every time I walk out they come and greet me. On one of the first days I stood and talked to them for a while. I think people driving by must have thought I was crazy, but I didn’t care because they were making me laugh with their cute little faces. Oslo is also enjoying his new place. He has much more space and he has found his spot on the couch by the window where the sun peaks in – he just suntans… oooh to be a French Bull Dog!!!

Vitall has been really good this past week and a bit… I have to say I really feel like we’re becoming a solid team. He has changed so much in the last few months. I said to my mom that I am really, really excited about him. He is “growing up”. He has really come out of his shell lately and has so much more strength and power in all the movements it is truly amazing to sit on. I said to Anky the other day after my lesson, “His trot is actually fun now,” she laughed at me. His trot has so much more self-carriage and lift, I can actually sit easily now. I’m really having a lot of fun, learning the Grand Prix. Grand Prix  has to be one of the most difficult, but most rewarding and exciting challenges I have embarked on. When you see a Grand Prix horse in the ring you don’t really know the time and patience it takes ’till you are actually doing it yourself. Now that I am, I see how amazing it is to actually get down the centre line. I can’t wait for that day… which hopefully will be soon to come!

It’s back to spring weather here, beautiful sunny days over the last little bit. It’s gotten me a bit excited for summer, just knowing it is around the corner.