I have spent the last few days packing up because I have decided to go and work with Anky and Sjef for a bit. The Dutch have the winning system and I want to learn what its all about and get in on there secrets.

I have loved my time at Jan’s and I have learned a great deal and had the wonderful opportunity to ride many horses. While I was home, however, I decided to embark on one more adventure before I eventually return back to North America, be that Wellington or California has yet to be decided… maybe both!

It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate over 8 months. I’ve been jamming my suitcases which are packed to the max. I have 3 suitcases and 2 boxes for my own personal stuff. I have one big tack trunk and 2 Rubber Maids for Vitall. Oslo has his cage and bowls etc. Way too much stuff for 3 “people”! This all has to go in the horse trailer tomorrow morning. I am praying it doesn’t snow since it has been really cold in Sweden, -20 with the wind. Luckily Holland is a tad warmer only -5.

I’m sad to leave my friends here as we have become like a little family. It’s hard  to break us up but with Skype and Facebook it will be easy to keep in touch.  I have one friend coming to visit me for a week at the end of January which will be nice.

I’m nervous, sad and excited all at the same time.  I had a great visit at home and I have vowed to take smaller trips home more often and not leave so many months in between. The long time between visits was very hard on me and makes me home sick. I have also started taking some University courses online so I will need to go home and write exams.

I am going to miss Jan and his staff but Jan said I am welcome back anytime which is very comforting. 

I’m driving with the horse to Holland and I will update as soon as I arrive with the tales of my journey.