My day started like any other typical morning all Tullstorp. I was busy cleaning the feed bins waiting for Jan to finish riding one of the horses so I could use the saddle on Biggles. Melanie had been walking Briar and then she came running into the barn with him yelling at me to get on him!  She said “Alex, Jan wants you to get on Briar right now!” I was stunned! Me??! Ride him??!!

Long story short I got to ride Briar today. It was amazing! I’ve never sat on such an amazing horse. His canter is out of this world to sit on and his changes are so big and expressive. I rode him very tentative at first, not sure what Jan really wanted me to do but then he started to teach me and I got into him a bit more. I was giddy for the rest of the day!

My horse was also a star today. We did mostly trot work. Working on shoulder inns half passes and trot extensions.  I was pleased he really kept his rhythm and stayed steady the whole time.

It’s still really hot here and muggy. I’ve had to shower twice today and we have had the 3rd thunder storm again today.