HupHup.jpgoday everything was a sea of orange. It was the first game for Holland in the world championships for soccer, aka football, the proper european name. Vitall and I decided to be festive and wear orange as well today. I went to the local pub with a few of the girls to watch the game. All I can say is thank God I was wearing orange when I walked in. The girls had told me to go through the back door. When I turned the corner, I walked into a room of about 100 people with all eyes on me looking at me like “who is this girl showing up late to the game?” I had to walk through the entire crowd to the back of the room to where the others were sitting. I think if I had had a Danish jersey on I would have been chased out. It was a very intense atmosphere until the first goal was made. Once that first goal was made all you saw was beer up in the air and horns and cheering. It was a great laugh and fun to experience!

This past weekend were the Dutch Championships. Unfortunately, I was not able to go watch but all the girls did well and Anky was proud of her students. But on Friday this week, I’m going with Anky to Rotterdam to watch with her and I will be cheering on my fellow Canadians that will be competing. Instead of saying Go Holland! I will go back to my roots and cheer GO CANADA GO!! I’ll be sure to be wearing and white!

Training over the past few days has been quiet and I’ve taken it a little bit easy. We went into the forest for a hack and he had a day off in the field. He rolled around in the dirt and was a very dirty pony when I brought him in.

I have a small show again coming up this weekend on Saturday. We’re riding through the PSG. Anky and I know the holes in the training are still not confirmed but over the past week we have been working on it and it is already improving a lot. So again this show is for schooling to just keep going into the ring and continuing to get  a routine in the show ring. Practice, practice!

My main goal for the show is to be able to maintain speed control and make the transitions without him falling behind me like he did in the previous show the other weekend.