It has been really warm here the past few days and through the weekend. It feels like I’m living somewhere tropical with temperatures between 24-27.

Vitall was great all week, it felt like something just “clicked”. I really felt like I had the true feeling of what I have been trying to achieve for the last few months. The timing of my aids finally came together. I wasn’t “kicking and pulling” at the same time. I was really able to give a leg aid without bringing him back and shortening him to quick and visa versa. 

I related the feeling to rowing. I pictured myself on the rowing machine at the gym. The motion of going forward and back with the oars going in and out. Like riding forward and back whilel my half halts were the in and out. Thinking of this motion made a huge difference it stopped me from becoming stiff and holding.

On Friday I went to the small practice show in Uden which is 10 min away. It’s a great place to go and school and receive really helpful comments. The test went ok. I have to say I was a little disappointed with it. Vitall left his engine at home and got more more lazy as the test went on. It felt like he had done his work for the week.

Anky and I discussed what we should do. We’re going to start test riding at the end of every week over at the jumping stable to change his environment . Vitall needs to learn not to shut down in the arena. But it also comes down to the training as well. With our new training system, I’m not carrying him as much as I use to so that when it comes to the arena and I’m not there for him he panics a bit. So I’m hoping with practice he and I will get more comftorable and confident.

Practice makes perfect as the saying goes.