I’ve had a great two weeks at home. Couldn’t have asked for a better trip. We had a nice Christmas dinner, my little nephew dove into the turkey! I was completely stuffed after dinner and definitely did not need another meal for days.

My dad teased me about my priorities when I first got home. I had booked a hair appointment immediately followed the next day by a facial and massage. I also went and saw acupuncturist and had over a 100 needles in me. It was the most painful experience but worth it in the end. It took me over a day to recover but the benefits outway the pain since it makes such a difference in my body. All my back pain is gone now and I have complete mobility in my back. I was starting to feel rather stiff. I also went and bought MDC stirrup irons to help relieve the pressure of my ankles, knees and back. My knees have also been a bit troublesome from an injury long ago.

Seeing all my friends has been great. We have had lots of catching up to do.  We went out partying a few nights and checked out a few new nightclubs in town. Went to an amazing concert one night with DJ David Guetta.  New Years was a blast, one of the best I’ve had. It’s been a good start to 2010 so far.

I’m starting to miss my little doggy. I’m sad to leave home but looking forward to getting back on my horse and having cuddles with Oslo.

I have a bit of packing to do before I hop back on the plane back to Sweden. Sadly, I checked the weather and it is still freezing there BRRR šŸ™ it was been great weather in Vancouver very mild and little rain.