It has been a whirl wind trip with Sara. Three weeks went by so fast and she’s had a wonderful time with her horse who is just gorgeous. We also got to see lots of other young horses at IPS horse group. The inspector for KWPN came out to see Sara’s horse and he was approved to start the riding tests this fall. This is the lead up to the 50 day testing in the spring so that was very exciting news.

Vitall has been going well. I have been taking a few more days in the forest with him rather than spending time in the ring. I thought he deserved a small break.

SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING. My second favourite past time. Last week we had the winter sample sale for the Anky line. Great stuff this year. I bought a few sweaters and 2 jackets so I’m going to be all toasty this winter. All the colours are great, nice bright pinks, royal blue and browns. Make sure to check them out

I booked a last minute ticket home. Sara and I decided we weren’t ready to separate yet so we flew home together. I also wanted to see my family as I was feeling a bit home sick and needed to see the city. I came to Vancouver at the best time, the weather has been unreal. The other day I was at the dog park/beach with my nephew and it was just beautiful. Other than that, I have been running around going to appointments and catching up with friends. I fly back to Holland on Sunday. Then it is strait back to training which I am really looking forward to. I’ve missed my lessons.