Hay! I never want to lift another bail in a very long time. We had a huge semi truck come 24m long packed full of hay. It took us two days to unload the truck. It was a lot of work we were all pretty fed up by the end of it.

I am fully recovered from the weekend and my bed is so comfy now that neither Oslo or I want to crawl out of it in the morning. It has been a good week so far nothing to exciting to report. Jan and I had a meeting and came up with a show schedule because I need some qualifying marks in order to do the Sunshine Tour come spring. There are two competitions at the beginning and end of October each only an hour away from here and since Jan will also be competing there they are really convenient. I was planning to go home for a visit around the middle of the month but my parents will have to come here instead I need my winter clothes or I will freeze!!

Vitall is doing well I am happier and happier with him everyday. Today was really windy and there was a lot going on so he got a little tense and short in the canter, especially when we were working on tempi’s. I used the situation to my advantage and treated it as if we were at a show and worked through it doing some transitions and forward and back work to regain the canter and its proper rhythm and jump. He began to relax pretty quick and regained his concentration which was good to feel and see because you never know how they will be when it comes to show time so it was fun to test it out and see what would and wouldn’t work.

This weekend Jan’s wife is having a big work party here with all the lawyers from her law firm coming for a fully catered and bartended event. We’ve spent a a lot of time recently cleaning every little corner to make sure everything is spotless and shiny. Those of us living in the “bar” (kitchen) will be going out for dinner that night!