The beginning of this week was pretty quiet as Anky was away in Kiev. I just worked on basics, stretching, transitions suppling, etc. Vitall also had his usual lunging day so he could get his bucks out.  When it was time to go back to work Thursday, Vitall was really good, loose and soft in the contact. We continued working on the changes and I am so happy I took the time with them over the last few weeks because he is starting to feel so much safer in them. They are dead straight with expression and on my aids. Finally he isn’t swinging to the right and running forward. The 1 tempi’s are still a bit tricky but they’re coming! I also did a lot of work on my half passes this week. I finally sorted out the trick to get the proper bend without him leaning. It was all to do with the shoulder, he was falling through the shoulder instead of bending because I was taking to much inside rein and not maintaining enough outside rein. Now I keep contact on both reins and take both hands over to whatever direction I’m going and he maintains the bend.

I also started riding a friend’s young horse, Balin, a 4yr old by Samba Hit/ De Niro. She is very busy with school and her other two horses so she offered him to me as my project to sell. He is a really kind guy, works really hard and I’ve been having a lot of fun on him the past few weeks. 

tn.jpegWe also have a new pony at Anky’s called the Flex Pony. It is meant to help strengthen you ab muscles and lower back and improving flexibility so you aren’t so stiff. The first few times I sat on the “pony” it felt very strange, but it really does take balance and you definitely feel more mobile in your lower back. It’s a lot of fun. It gives you a good laugh so your abs are working twice as hard.

Other then riding I haven’t been up to much because I had a bit of a cold. Once someone gets sick in the barn we are all sick but I am feeling better now and starting to prepare for Christmas. My mom asked me if I had started to make a Christmas list and I thought it was clearly too early to consider that holiday. I was shocked when I checked the calendar to realize that we are almost through November! Where has the year gone? It has just flown by. Oslo and I will be flying home for Christmas, leaving Holland on Christmas eve and returning on Jan 6th. It is even snowing already in Vancouver! EEk! Thankfully we don’t have any snow yet here but it is very cold!!!