Whistler was a blast! It felt like spring up there, actually all of Vancouver is like spring! You would never know it’s the winter Olympics with the sunshine we are having! Every street in Vancouver is crowded with people swarming everywhere – you hear the National Anthem being sung every other minute. You really feel proud to be Canadian!

Vitall is doing well. I spoke to the barn manager the other day. Anky has been riding him and she is really enjoying him :). When she is not riding him, he is being lunged or Twanny, her main working student, rides him. I also found out the apartments will be ready to move into when I get back.

Here are some pictures of Olympic festivities from Vancouver and Whistler! At the yop left is me on the right with Vancouver dressage riders Sara Pocock and Bridget Martin in the middle. Just below that is me with and jumper rider Taylor Rooney on the right. The very bottom is a picture of the crowds on Robson Street.