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It’s summer heat with high humidity in Wellington. Thank goodne

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It’s summer heat with high humidity in Wellington. Thank goodness for having a covered arena to not only escape the direct sun, but also the very heavy rain squalls and lightning.

Since bringing Vitall back to full focus with a renewed work ethic, we put our practice sessions to the test by competing in a one-day event held at Palm Beach Equine. Our Grand Prix score was a solid 74%. We would have likely been in the higher 70’s if I could properly count, as I only did seven instead of nin tempis. Goodness knows what I could have been thinking – probably the next movement?

I was very happy with Vitall, as the small mistakes were all mine. I really felt the connection and harmony again with Vitall in the ring and what was missing during last winter’s season is finally back. Vitall gave me a nice light feeling in the contact, he kept a constant frame and really lifted up through the shoulders with correct engagement from behind. I do have to keep him quicker and not let him slow down in the transitions, but not rush him.

I had more overall control over each step with a steady balance in the piaffe and passage. Although his tendency is to sit too much in the piaffe, we have now found the balance and rhythm to counteract this tendency.

Cooper, my seven-year-old, has really progressed over the past five to six weeks. I am preparing him for the 2016 season. We are currently working on his tempi changes and pirouettes so that we can present at PSG towards the year end.

Faye is almost six, and it feels like yesterday that she was an ungainly three-year-old when I broke her. Faye is turning into a dignified and confident gem who is a quick learner with a fantastic work ethic and so very rideable. The training plan for Faye is more or less the same as that for Cooper, but geared to the FEI six-year-old classes.

So, here’s to summer interspersed with some fun beach time.

Cheering on all our competitors at Pan Ams ! GO Canada GO!!