This week has been lots of fun. I went to the presentations of the horses for the auction earlier this week. I saw 45 horses go. One nice one after another, and everyone very different from the next.  Each horse brought something different to the table, it was really a broad range of horses so there was something for everyone. I was even more shocked how glamourous the set up was. The ring was breathtaking! They turned a normal indoor into this ring with fancy lights and beautiful flower arrangements. The music was fantastic and very upbeat which kept everyone intrigued. There was a red carpet at the entrance, lots of champagne and the building was just buzzing with energy and excitement.

I went with Brittany Fraser and her Father and Chris Von Martels. Brittany and I have known each other since we rode ponies together but I haven’t seen her since Young Riders in 2007 so it was really great to catch up. We picked up talking like we had just seen each other yesterday. She ended up buying two super 5 yr. old horses. I on the other hand just sat on my hands and watched the horses go around.

There was a beautiful mare by UB 40 just 3 yrs. old in foal to Totilas. There was a big bidding war on her as she was the first horse up for auction. The mare was simply stunning so I can’t wait to see how that foal turns out. I would say the mare was one of the highlights.

On a another note, Vitall has been really good this week. Working on the piaff, passage and the 1 tempi’s. I have learned a lot of little techniques this week. For the Piaff, I’ve learned it is better not to help Vitall. It goes better if I just give the aid and let him do the work. If I help him too much he gets too far underneath himself (sits down to much) and gets a little bit stuck. The passage is really easy for him but the same concept applies, less is more. That has been my motto for the week LESS IS MORE!!  I was very pleased to get 6 one tempi’s after that my brain goes a bit blank. I have to get into the groove a bit more with them but it will come with practise.

I also had some visitors this week. Karen Robinson and Rebecca Gerrard are over here for the Global Forum coming up next week. So yesterday I gave them a very cold tour of Anky’s place then we went for a nice hot lunch and chatted. It feels great to be surrounded by my fellow Canadians again.

It is just freezing here. Everyone laughs at me when I say it’s cold they say “but you’re from Canada!” I have to explain that I’m from the west coast where it’s not as cold. I am adjusting to winter now and so is Vitall, he has never really grown a winter coat but now he is starting to look like a teddy bear. He might be seeing the clipper blades sooner then he thinks. Even Oslo is tucked into his jacket when we go out for walks.Oct25collage.jpg