Castle.jpgOn Sunday my parents and I drove to Denmark to watch the Danish National Championships at the Danish Castle. It was standing room only and the Danish Royal family were in attendance watching their daughter Princess Nathalie ride the Grand Prix. The Royals were front and centre in the video of the VIP seating. Her Royal Highness is in the green dress. My dad left today to head back to his office in Greece my mom left today. I had a great visit with them it was nice to all be together.

The new blue horse rider Sune Hansen rode a wonderful freestyle. Andreas rode his recently acquired horse of a month ago. I had to peer through ears and noses to get the video which I’ll post shortly. I am also going to post a photo of a new girth I bought in Denmark to try, I will ride in it the next few days and let you know how it has worked. the therory behind the girth is the rubber in the middle fits into the sternum and helps stop restriction in movement and breathing by the expansion of the horses breathing.

Jan is back from Brazil and I had two lessons today, one on a beautiful 10 year-old Grand Prix horse and one on my own. I am just loving every single minute here!

I want to congratulate the Canadian Juniors on their team gold medal and Megan Lane on her silver individual medal. Also, my friend Amanda Harlen and her teammates for their gold team medal for Young Riders. Congrats to Kassie Bartou on her freestyle gold. What a great Finale for her!