We have started the descent into winter. Fall has hit hard here, it is now frosty in the mornings and there is tons of rain. We have a small lake in the outdoor arena! All the horses are bundled up in warm blankies and so am I. I can’t believe how quick the temp dropped but I am, after all, in Scandinavia.

I took a trip this weekend to Copenhagen to visit a friend that is enrolled in business school there. Copenhagen is a great city but, sadly, I didn’t take any pics because it was raining so hard. We did manage to rent bicycles and tour the entire city and all the canals. The shopping was amazing, every store imaginable at your finger tips. The city is very pretty with a nice warm feeling to it. After our city tour we went to the university dorms where I met a lot of neat people from all over the world (Italy, Holland, U.S.A., Poland etc.). It was nice to be around english speaking people and fellow Canadians. We all partied ’till about 3 am. When I arrived back back at Tullstorp I wasn’t my normal looking self. I am usually in bed at 9 every other day of the week so I was exhausted. Oslo stayed home and hung out with Melanie and Fillip. They took great care of him and Filip took him for an hour walk both days, needless to say he was spoiled.

Kyra is back this week training for 2 days and I am preparing for a competition this coming Saturday. The show is only and hour away from us and I will be attempting my 2nd PSG. Vitall is feeling great so I feel ready to tackle the ring again.